Digital Transformation Suite

Xenore DTS (Digital Transformation Suite)

Revolutionary digital content creation & collaboration suite for remote teams. Create unlimited online portals in a Code less, Intuitive, Enterprise ready environment.

how it works

Easy to setup with a smooth learning curve. Here is how it works.

Connect Active Directory

Bring users from Enterprise Active Directory to DTS.

Assign User Roles

Assign User roles to allow them access and privileges.

Add Site & Select Template

Create new portal/s. Select Template & Layout with a single click.

Start Creating Rich Content

Your site is ready. Start creating Awesome content!

The Benefits

Create unlimited online portals for your organization ranging from Individual School Sites, Covid-19 site, Career site, Sports portal – create anything & everything you want.

Lead the Digital revolution

Remote online collaboration empowering teams to create awesome content for students, parents, teachers & staff.

Rich Content Creation

No code required. Over 20 Apps to build rich content on the fly. Customize each page as you desire.

Built for Teams

Extensive collaboration features. Create & Collaborate with your team remotely across the district / school.

Convenient Administration

Easily assign user roles & permissions. Grant access to relevant modules. One click Sync with active directory.

Secure & Enterprise Ready

Enhanced SSL security. Secure on-Premise or Cloud deployment as per requirement.

Mobile & Internet friendly

Fully Responsive, access from any device – mobile, PC/ Laptop or iPad. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Social Media ready.

Intuitive & scalable

Built for growing needs. Create unlimited digital portals with the same clean, intuitive and responsive design throughout.

Extensive Reporting

Flexible reports to track visitors, engagement and resource utilization metrics.

Unmatched Support

Extensive learning resources. Convenient access to support team and quick turnaround for support tickets.


Content Sharing

Share content (Photos, Videos, Documents) with other staff members. Or make News, Announcements, study material available to Students / Parents online.

Apps as Building blocks

Use Apps to create content. Drag & Drop apps for Video / Photo Gallery, Document Library, Calendar & Events, News, Announcements, and many more.

Administer Surveys

Use Forms and Surveys App to create and administer surveys to gather feedback from Students, Parents or public. No need for a separate software.

Import Staff listing

Pre-built App to import staff contact details. Conveniently upload and publish staff and teacher listing on your school / district site.

Multiple Site Templates

One click template selection & enhanced customization features for each site. That’s not all; flexibility to select individual layout for each page.

Users & Groups

Create user groups to grant access to manage modules. Upload or bring users from Active Directory with one click. Extensive User role permission options.

Push Content to School sites

District Administrator can push Updates, News or Announcements to all school sites. No need to add content to each site.

Hosting & Security

SSL to keep data & information secure. Can be deployed on Premise or on Cloud hosting as per requirement.

Explore how DTS can benefit your enterprise

DTS is an all-encompassing digital presence solution. We work closely with you to understand
your digital presence needs and can customize DTS as per your requirement.

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