Digital Marketing For Law Firms


Digital marketing can help law firms by promoting the practice and showcasing lawyers’ experience in their field to prospective clients.

How Digital Marketing Helps in Promoting A Lawyer’s Practice:

  • Online Presence: Search engines have become the primary source of information with rise in number of internet users. Most potential clients would search online if they need to hire a law firm. Digital marketing helps to improve online presence of a law firm and promotes details of services offered, lawyer’s profile, appointment procedure, etc.
  • Global Reach: Traditional marketing strategies such as putting up a hoarding can certainly let the local users know about a law firm. However, digital marketing widens the reach and helps a law firm in promoting its services globally. This is particularly helpful for law firms providing services which are independent of demography for example law firms providing services related to business law, tax, corporate law, etc.
  • Precise Targeting: For maximizing the results of law firm’s digital marketing strategies, different marketing tools can be used to identify the target audience and focus resources on this segment of users. Different digital marketing channels such as PPC, social media marketing, etc. target potential clients who are more likely to be interested in the services of a law firm based on demographics and online behavior. It is advisable to choose the target audience for a digital marketing campaign by choosing region, age, gender, occupation, and other factors. A targeted digital marketing campaign for a law firm facilitates precision in designing the ads based on the digital profile of target audience.
  • Nurture Potential Clients: Digital marketing helps a law firm to find and engage users. Blogs, infographics and graphics provide much needed information to engage users and convert them to clients.
  • Measurable Results: The results of digital marketing efforts can be easily measured via analytical tools. In addition to increasing the clients for the law firm, the tools also allow firms to recognize the marketing channels that accounts for maximum lead generation and conversion.
  • Immediate Tweaking: Digital marketing tools allow law firms to analyze the performance of campaigns in real-time. This facilitates recognition of short-comings of a campaign and making required tweaks to ensure that the online campaign progresses in the right direction.

The need for digital marketing for law firms is apparent, but here are some tips for availing desired outcomes:

  • Well-Designed Website: Make sure that the website contains the right information about the law firm and reflects its principles. Pay attention to the format of the website as the users appreciate easy navigation and clearly laid out structure. A good option is to offer free answers to common legal questions on the law firm’s website. This will help in building credibility and reliability among the users. Also, make sure that the website is SEO friendly. Fabricate the website content around well-researched keywords and optimize the website pages by including images, videos, Meta tags, etc.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media acts as a popular platform for digital word-of-mouth advertizing. Having good profiles on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. help in reaching out to a wide user base. It offers a chance to interact with the customers by responding to their comments and feedback.
  • Content Marketing: Publish quality content that offers a solution to users or provides reliable information. It helps in positioning the law firm as an authority that can be trusted for seeking solutions to legal matters.
  • Regularly Update The Blog: Use law firm’s blog to maintain an active online presence. The blog can discuss legal issues, client experiences or share latest (but reliable) news relevant to the industry. But make sure that the blog posts are informative as well as appealing to motivate users to stay on the page and explore more about the law firm.
  • Email Marketing: It is a great way of interacting with the customers. A good practice is to provide a form on the webpage for users to submit their email address, provide a CTA button for newsletter subscription or offer free eBook/ information brochure to users who submit their email address.

A professional digital marketing team can help in formulating an effective digital marketing strategy for a law firm. At Xenore, we utilize our experience to analyze individual client requirements and then formulate a digital marketing strategy that spreads over different digital marketing channels to generate higher user traffic and profit for client’s law firm.