Benefits Of eCommerce ERP Integration For Business Growth

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Integration of eCommerce with ERP defines a co-ordination between business’ retail website and its back-end accounting & inventory system. Efficient integration enables a bi-directional flow of information which means that any data needs to be fed only once in any one of the systems; but it can still be used by both systems for effective operations. In addition to this, eCommerce and ERP integration offers numerous other benefits.

Here are some ways in which eCommerce and ERP integration can facilitate business growth:

  • Fulfill More Orders: An organization with effective eCommerce and ERP integration is facilitated to offer a seamless aisle service associated with online trading. It helps to modify the website as per the accounting and inventory system. For example, the system can be used to edit the list of products on the website as per the inventory. The organization can list only the in-stock products on the website resulting in zero percentage of declined or delayed orders due to ‘Out Of Stock’ error. Optionally, inventory analysis in comparison with eCommerce website listing can help in advance resourcing of items that are predicted to go out of stock based on their low availability in the inventory.
  • Support Different Purchase Options: The option of making a purchase online and then picking up the item from store is gaining popularity among users. It is popularly known as ‘Click & Collect’. Retailers can incorporate this method effectively only if there is an efficient integration of eCommerce with the store systems (ERP).
  • Personalized Customer Service: One-to-one marketing based on previous buying behavior is prominent on online retail channels. However, it can be extended to other buying channels such as in-store by thorough integration of omni-channel systems. The staff can access the integrated systems to gain insight into buying pattern of a customer while dealing with him for providing a customized service.
  • Be More Profitable: An integrated eCommerce system helps retailers in making key day-to-day decisions in a more profitable manner. For example, retailers can fulfill customer orders in a cost-effective manner. They can analyze the delivery channels and inventory systems to check if shipping the products from the store or a warehouse will be more beneficial.

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